AHK LAW team is proud to have served and continue serving a wide spectrum of distinguished and renowned local, regional, and international Companies and Startups including but not limited to:

Toyota Sweden & Germany (Toyota Kreditbank GmbH)  
Sama for Food Industries  
7 Hills Skate Park  
Liwwa, Inc.  
Liwwa Financing  
Turkish Route Limited  
The Vouchery  
Juicy Shawerma  
Metaphysics for Game Streaming  
Rayya Saudi Housing Company  
Salt Charitable Society
China Geo Engineering Corporation  
5DVR (Fifth Dimension Virtual Reality – Egypt)  
Amman Mart  
Liwwa Tech  
Connect to Fit
Yutta for Technical Consultancies
Arab Home for Housing
One Media
The PlatfourM
Al-Barza Housing
Moderate Forum Society

Yet, our team has proudly served and provided numerous legal services to many other startups, organizations, expats from Embassies and individuals throughout the past three years.