AHK LAW Firm (Attorneys and Counselors at Law) established in 2019 by the Founder & Managing Partner Al-Hassan Al-Kailani ,Esq. who holds both Bachelor Degree in International Law and the Degree of Masters in International Business Law from the American University of Cyprus which is one of highest ranking law schools in Europe. The firm is a multidisciplinary law firm ranking among the top leading law firms in Jordan with a strong international focus. Al- Hassan Al-Kailani along with a qualified team of 8 associate attorneys work hand-in-hand with the firm’s business clients, guiding the growth of their companies by providing legal advices based on a proactive approach and a thorough understanding of the client’s business nature, the local business environment, client’s best interest and the international best practice.

Today, AHK Law Firm practice and presence are significant in the Kingdom and abroad. Where AHK Law Firm has already expanded to 7 more countries in 3 different continents where our client’s will be served and receive the needed legal services at the same standards applied at the Headquarters in Amman. Where such expansion has reached to Turkey, Cyprus, Nigeria, Russia, Kurdistan Region and soon in UAE.

In the legal community, word spread of not only our unique model, but of our collegial atmosphere and premier clientele. At this age of time AHK Law Firm is the fastest growing law firm in Jordan as we continue to recruit only distinguishable attorneys by selecting them based on a criteria of educational background and experience.

The firm’s head office is located in Shemaisani, in the heart of Amman, accessible to nearly all governmental authorities, courts and departments. Our aim is not to be, the biggest law firm measured by the total number of lawyers or offices; instead we strive to furnish excellence in client service in the most challenging critical disputes and legal issues within many regions and jurisdictions.

AHK Law Firm is continues to be one of the fastest growing law firms in Jordan in terms of business and internal growth and meanwhile it is the first and only law firm that is specialized in Cyber and Entertainment Laws.